Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more Rzone 2004

Experiments with reflections.
A series of in pre-render cinematics were planned for the game.
A did a ton of tests trying to get different surfaces to look reflective.

Maya software render.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Muddy brown

Revolution-xbox 360

Rev Apt's

Simple boring apt buildings.

La Blaccha!!

This building recieved a bunch of laughs for it's rediculous name.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's next?!

I've been teaching for the last year or so.
It's given me a good oppourtunity to brush up some skills that i don't use at work.

I'm going to take a few weeks off of personal projects,
and begin something new. I just need to find some new inspiration.
So the question begins....

What's next?!

Last building i promise

Looking at that old school stuff was really ruff,
so i needed to play it in between some current gen to make myself feel a little better about it.


Rzone 2004

We did a series of quick pre-render stills for the football game.

Apparently we had this crazy plan of having the players fly into each city in a cinematic everytime you picked a stadium!
It seemed kind of crazy, but this were really fun to work on,
like little miniature models.

Kickin it old school

Syphon Filter - Omega strain.

This was a great project to work on.
Like every project it had it's quirks,
but I feel like i learned a bunch and met some really talented ppl.

I don't think it turned out how everyone had hoped,
but still it was a decent game.

Commercial district _Revolution

In game capture.
Never released- Xbox 360.

Viva Revolution!!

Slums- this is kind of a housing project area..basketball courts,

apt buildings etc.

in game screens.

reverse angle.


Continuing my random buildings. I will give you a temporary break into environments after this link.

There was a massive list of assets to build for this game.
Sadly it doomed to never release.
Most of this buildings were built with 512 x 512 base maps.
256 or 512 normals 128 specs and shared 512 dirt or detail maps as we called them.
Although the project was canceled, i think most artists on the project would agree that it was a fun topic to work on. It had alot of potential that was never realized.

some commercial some residential

A few wires

Just some wireframes.

Near town square.

This building i modeled after a building i took a picture of while i was in costa rica last year.

There was some amazing reference down there.

I would have had more if i hadn't accidently hit delete all on my memory card midway through my trip..Lesson learned..when you run out of memory, just buy a new card.

Tall commercial

I'm in between starting a new personal project.

So in the meantime i will continue to post some images

from concrete games canceled title Revolution.

It was a pretty cool game to work on style wise.

Kind of set in a fiction south america/central america theme.

Lot's of cool architechure and fun to texture.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More warehouse


rundown warehouse-Revolution Game - Xbox 360

current render

I feel like i need to consolidate some of my colors,

but i also have been working on this project for a little while,

I think i will maybe put another 2 or 3 weeks into it,

and then let it go. I want to concentrate on what i learned,

and put that into my next project.
It's been a ton of fun to work on though.
I have a friend building two characters for this.
I hope to do a quick animation with this, maybe the opening credits when
completes his characters.

First post

I have two or three projects going on most of the time,

and although some of them are intertwined. I decided that i would spin my personal artwork off into it's own blog.

I'm getting close to prop completion for this project, and i feel like i've learned alot during the process. I can't wait to begin something new. My mind is already swirling with some new ideas.

-Here's my current occlusion pass.